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Jan Yatsko invites you to connect with Costa Rican art, nature and culture.

Journal page of Arenal volcano by Jan Yatsko.  Volcano image done by memory.

 Journal page of Arenal Volcano by Jan Yatsko

Explore & Create group participating in a round robin painting exercise with painting group Corazones Valientes

An Explore & Create in Costa Rica group participating in a “round robin” painting exercise with naive painting group Corazones Valientes

Experience Costa Rica in 4 different ways:

1. Learn new observation, creative thinking and travel art journal skills on an Explore & Create in Costa Rica tour. “When I was looking for an art vacation, Jan’s tour stood out over the others.  It was a ‘people tour’ and not just another tour that involved stops to look at buildings.” DonnaLee from CA

2. Learn about Costa Rican art, nature and culture while you create your own “Postcard from Costa Rica” during a mini art workshop designed for all abilities and ages.  A unique acitivity for travel incentive tour groups, bird watching groups, yoga and spa retreats as well as for families and individuals staying at selected hotels and B&B’s.

3. Hang one of Jan’s paintings in your home.  Each painting visually depicts the myths, sayings or stories of daily life in Costa Rica.

4. Live the “Pura Vida” life in Costa Rica through Jan’s insightful and informative newsletters.  They often contain “between the lines” information that rarely gets published in a guide book.


Jan Yatsko’s Costa Rican Experience

What are these new buzzwords about?

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Jan Yatsko, recognized artist, painter, sketcher, and the originator of the art journal workshop tours in Costa Rica, has made these terms and others, household words within the last 8 years in Costa Rica.  Her love of Costa Rica, its nature,  the people, art and culture, has inspired Jan to share her experiences with other like minded beginning and experienced artists alike.  Enjoy a “learning vacation,” and become part of the increasing categories of “educational travel" that will bring lasting enrichment to your life long after your vacation has ended!.

Travel through the native backcountry of Costa Rica, experience beach towns, museums, art tours, absorb the soul and fabric of its culture, and all the time chronicling your travel and experiences into your personal art journal. Jan will guide you through creativity training sessions on how to get the most of your visit to Costa Rica - one of the most diverse, tropical countries on earth!  Learn more by reading through her “Pura Vida Costa Rica” newsletters, meaning, “The Good Life of Costa Rica.” 

Browse through her website and see some of Jan’s paintings, read about art journaling, creativity
sessions, and choose to take her art workshop tour that will help you fulfill your own desire to learn and express yourself while on vacation. We hope to see you soon!

To begin your Costa Rica travel experience click on Explore & Create in Costa Rica Tour

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